Duplex Folding Box Printed – GD-222


  • Folding Top 1kg
  • 9.3in x 7in x 1.25in
  • Multi Colour
  • Thickness 250 Duplex G/B
  • Min. Qty. 500
  • Rate per pcs.
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Graphic Dunia is the leading online retail and wholesale store for all types of packaging materials. Common sweet box 1kg in the duplex paper with lamination. In this order we provide 1kg. Top only. This top box is available in 9.3″ x 7 “.

Now, you can order online or visit our store. We manufacture all kinds of paper material product. So you can buy online corrugated pizza box and other types of printed and non printed paper material.

  • Available in 500gm & 250gm
  • Quality assured
  • No need of tape or stapling
  • Standard clamshell design
  • Front tab
  • High-quality material


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